Family Law 2019

This seminar is approved for 9.5 total WV MCLE credits, including 1.0 Ethics/Law Office Management credits.

This seminar is sponsored by ARAG Legal Insurance

Meeting the Permanent Parenting Plan Burden of Proof

Ms. Pool will identify the multiple burdens of proof of each party under W.Va. Code §48-9-206(a)(b) and (d), as amended, when seeking a permanent parenting plan, with suggestions of how to meet them.           

Delby B. Pool, Esquire 
Family Law Associates

Relocation of the Child

An overview of the statutory and case law concerning the relocation of children by a parent when the children are the subjects of a custody Order, with particular attention to the apparent and potential effects of  Nicole L. v. Steven W.  (W.Va., 2019).  Audience participation will be encouraged.           

Richard A. Bush, Esquire 
Richard A. Bush Attorneys at Law

Alimony Issues Untangled

This presentation will deal with an overview of spousal support including tax law changes and other factors that should be considered in addition to the statutory mandates.  It will also include a brief discussion on whether the use of a formula will be beneficial.               

Cinda L. Scales, Esquire 
Scales Law Office

Family Law Update

Update on Recent Family Law Cases 

Brittany Ranson Stonestreet, Esquire 
Lyne Ranson Law Offices, PLLC

Debt - Is it Marital, Non-Marital, Collectable or Dischargeable?

The presentation will spot issues concerning considerations for evaluating debts in the context of equitable distribution; evaluating how to categorize debt as marital or non-marital (including consideration of student loan obligations and tax obligations) and the overlay of bankruptcy filing on that evaluation process by either one or both parties.  

Andrew S. Nason, Esquire 
Pepper & Nason

Mock Trial Addressing Family Law Evidentiary Issues

A short trial demonstration will be presented, highlighting evidentiary problems common in family law cases and showing how to overcome the hurdles presented by the rules of evidence.   Examples covered include social media posts, offering values without a witness to authenticate, business records and text messaging. This presentation will sharpen your trial and evidence skills. 

Professor Marjorie McDiarmid 
WVU College of Law

Lyne Ranson, Esquire 
Lyne Ranson Law Offices, PLLC

Tim C. Carrico, Esquire 
The Carrico Law Offices LC

10 Practical Technology Solutions for the Family Law and Small Firm Practitioner

This presentation will include at least ten substantive topics that meld “what’s available” with “what works” in small firm law office management and technology. There will be lots of apps and tips too for Apple and Microsoft platforms.

J. Burton Hunter, Esquire 
J. Burton Hunter, III and Associates, PLLC

Finding Hidden Assets and Income

This presentation will be discussing the process of finding and accounting for hidden assets and income in divorce cases.      

Shari J. McPhail, Esquire 
McPhail Law

Concept of Double Dipping in Family Law

"Double-dipping" is the trap to which the unwary family law practitioner may risk exposing his or her client to unnecessary financial loss at the hands of the inexperienced FCJ or through the designs of opposing counsel. Double dipping can be manifested in various forms during marital dissolution.                    

Honorable Jim Douglas
Eleventh Family Court Circuit - Kanawha County