WV Bankruptcy and Commercial Law

This seminar is approved for 12.4 total WV MCLE AV credits, including 4.00 ethics/L.O.M.

Views from the Bench

Gain unique perspectives from bankruptcy judges in the Western District of Pennsylvania, the Northern District of West Virginia and the Southern District of West Virginia. The Judges will cover several current bankruptcy topics.           

Honorable Jeffery A. Deller, Chief Judge  
US Bankruptcy Court, Western District of PA

Honorable Patrick M. Flatley, Chief Judge  
US Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of WV

Honorable Frank W. Volk, Chief Judge 
US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of WV

Mac Warner and the WV Secretary of State’s Office

Hear Secretary of State Mac Warner discuss his Office, his website, and the impact that the Secretary of State has on the practice of commercial law in the West Virginia.

Mac Warner, Secretary of State  
West Virginia Secretary of State

Matters Affecting the Bankruptcy System, Trends and Topics & Important Case Law Updates

Learn news about the bankruptcy system, bankruptcy statistics, and recent case decisions from the Supreme Court, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and West Virginia federal courts.                      

Honorable Patrick M. Flatley, Chief Judge   
US Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of WV

Credit Reporting

Learn about the accuracy, preparation and correction of credit reports,access to credit reports and privacy, adverse actions based on credit reporting, disputes,the difference between the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other acts such as TILA, FDCPA, ECOA, and statutory remedies under the FCRA. 

James Pietz, Esquire  
Feinstein Doyle Payne & Kravec, PLLC

Elizabeth Hanes, Esquire 
Consumer Litigation Associates

Indexing and Mis-Indexing Security Instruments with the West Virginia Secretary of State

Learn about the West Virginia UCC-1 recording system, mistakes that can happen,and some consequences that flow from those mistakes.         

Martin Sheehan, Esquire 
Sheehan & Associates

Formulating Chapter 13 Plans, Feasibility, Step Payments and Exempt Property as Disposable Income

The Office of the West Virginia Chapter 13 Trustee presents issues that frequently arise when completing Chapter 13 plans and offers best practices for ensuring plans flow smoothly through confirmation and completion. The second part of the presentation (Bankruptcy Law & Practice Track, 2:50-3:40) concerns the nuts and bolts of completing a Chapter 13 plan, a practice exercise, and a questions and answers session with the Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office.

Helen M. Morris, Chapter 13 Trustee
Northern and Southern Districts of West Virginia.

Meagan Preece, Esquire  
US Bankruptcy Court, Southern & Northern Districts of WV  

Bankruptcy Insight and Commentary

This presentation includes Dean Bowman's thoughts and insight on the bankruptcy practice in the State. 

Dean Gregory Bowman        
WVU College of Law

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts

These assets have appeal to entrepreneurs and businesses. They are also a cause for concern from regulators, and change how we perceive money, property and the banking system. Find out how to manage cryptocurrency assets in a volatile and emerging market. Learn how these currencies may be regulated by SEC, CFTC, IRS and others.       

Honorable Frank W. Volk, Chief Judge  
US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of WV 

Commercially Reasonable Sales

Gain perspectives on when to work with a delinquent debtor, when to liquidate collateral, and the best practices for such a liquidation. Learn from the mistakes of others in failing to dispose of collateral in a commercially reasonable manner and what that means in term of potential lender liability.                     

David Thomas, Esquire  
Dinsmore & Shohl

Kathy Santa Barbara, Esquire  
Law Office of Kathy M. Santa Barbara, PLLC

Center for Consumer Law & Education Update

Brief comments about the CCLE and the intersection of consumer law in the State and bankruptcy law.                     

Jonathan Marshall, Director         
Center for Consumer Law & Education

Automatic Stay, Divorce, Property Division and Martial Debts Post-Discharge:When is the Optimal Time to File Bankruptcy for Divorcing Partners

Learn about the collision between domestic relations law and bankruptcy. Learn about whether the automatic stay prevents entry of a divorce, whether a trustee can intervene in a marital dissolution case, how the division of marital property effects property of the estate, and what happens to the rights and obligations of the spouses when one or both file bankruptcy.         

David Hinkle, Esquire  
Hinkle Law, PLLC 

Automatic Stay and Discharge Injunction

Learn about the Bankruptcy Code’s automatic stay, what it means, when it applies, how it is lifted, and damages for its violation. Learn about the discharge injunction, when it is entered, and how it is different from the automatic stay.                    

Honorable Frank W. Volk, Chief Judge    
US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of WV 

Arbitration, Mediation & Bankruptcy

Learn about the intersection between bankruptcy and arbitration, how to work in alternative dispute resolution in pending bankruptcy matters and gain best practice insight from an experienced bankruptcy mediator.                      

Honorable Jeffery A. Deller, Chief Judge          
US Bankruptcy Court, Western District of PA