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Avoiding Ethical and Malpractice Claims While Increasing Profitability 2016



The seminar is approved for 8.2 total WV MCLE credits, including 8.2 Ethics/Law Office Management credits. 

Speaker: Barron Henley, Esquire

COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN - It's Always The Same (But It's Avoidable)

A high percentage of malpractice practice claims and practice management issues are caused by communication breakdowns. Communication problems decrease productivity, cause mistakes, and create dissatisfied clients. The growing number of communication channels only compounds the problem. Examine technologies and techniques that will help you improve internal and external communication, lower your stress, improve your service, generate happier clients, and lower your malpractice risk.

SECURITY IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE WEAKEST LINK - Security Measures Every Lawyer Must Know

The Rules of Professional Conduct require a lawyer to make "reasonable efforts" to prevent the disclosure of confidential client information. Further, "reasonable precautions" must be taken to prevent client information from falling into the wrong hands. In a digital world, the exact meaning of "reasonable efforts" and "reasonable precautions" may be subject to debate. However, it's hard to argue that doing nothing to protect client data would meet the standard. You don't have to be a security expert or techie to protect yourself and your office. Learn how to cover all the bases of computer, smartphone, tablet, email, wireless, and document encryption. We'll also cover the fundamentals of backing up your electronic data. Half of the battle is simply knowing what questions to ask and it's not nearly as complicated as it sounds. Establish best practices in your office and discover the inexpensive or free tools that will make sure your confidential information remains confidential.

MOVING YOUR PRACTICE INTO THE CLOUD - Benefits, Drawbacks and Ethical Issues

You no longer have to purchase software and servers for your office. Today, you can rent software or server access via the Internet and thereby avoid any up-front costs. This process is often referred to as "moving to the cloud." Of course, your client data would also be stored on the rented or hosted servers. In this seminar, we'll explain the associated pros, cons, risks and ethical issues of doing this with your practice. It is definitely possible for lawyers to get off the treadmill of buying new hardware/software, using it until obsolescence, then buying new hardware/software again. This seminar will explain how to get there.


Finance, management, marketing, and technology are all critical components of a successful law practice. In this seminar you'll learn tips and strategies for improving each of the four pillars for enhanced productivity and profitability.


There are five key software categories that should be on every lawyer's radar, regardless of practice area. In this session, we will explore those categories and the different options for small firms to leverage technology to raise their productivity and efficiency. This is not a software training session - it's a see-the-possibilities seminar. The goal is to help you dream bigger, want more from your technology and know you can get it. Gain appreciation for how deep and wide the possibilities are; and stop believing that the only way you can increase revenue and efficiency is by working even more hours.


In just one hour, you'll learn how the proven business management concepts of Lean Six Sigma can add value - and eliminate waste - to help make you more productive than ever. Topics covered include: 1) why "going the extra mile" can be a waste of time; 2) how to reduce small mistakes that lead to big problems; 3) getting rid of those "piles of files"; and 4) how unrecognized potential is bad for business. See how powerful, achievable process improvements can translate to a healthier bottom line.


As everyone who has anything to do with it knows, Family Law is an incredibly dynamic area of the law, and staying on top of the changes can be a challenge. The Court's decision, making clear that marriage rights extend to same-sex couples, has caused some obvious changes in marriage law, but it will also carry with it necessary changes in divorce and child custody law. There are other family law issues that are gaining attention as families change, including assisted reproduction and its impacts on families, the push for shared parenting, the move toward alternative dispute resolution, international and immigration law issues, and more.